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Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

22ft x 22ft x 5ft

Space Needed:

26ft x 26ft x 15ft

Product Information:

Get ready for an epic battle of balance and bravery with Just In Case Party Rentals' Inflatable Joust! Step into the arena and become a modern-day gladiator armed with a foam-padded jousting pole as you engage in a friendly but fierce jousting duel. This larger-than-life experience turns your event into a thrilling spectacle combining laughter strategy and a dash of friendly competition.

Charge into the Action:

Picture yourself standing tall on the inflatable platform ready to face off against your opponent. Just In Case Party Rentals' Inflatable Joust transforms any gathering into a medieval arena where participants become knights and the jousting poles become their tools for victory.

    Ready to turn your event into a jousting extravaganza? Secure your date now and let the Inflatable Joust from Just In Case Party Rentals be the highlight of your celebration. It's time to charge parry and create memories that will have everyone cheering for more!

      • 🚚DELIVERY:
        • We deliver to Buffalo NY and surrounding areas.
        • Can be set up on grass or concrete please be specific as we secure inflatables differently based on surface.
        • Can also be delivered and set up indoors
        • Overnights Can Be Added For $50 (Pickup Next Day After Noon)
        • Additional Days Can Be Added For $100
      • 💧RAIN DELAY:
        • You can reschedule your rental due to rain at no extra cost as long as 48 hour notice before delivery is given.
      • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦OCCUPANCY:
        • 2 People can play at a time
      • 😇CLEANING:
        • All rentals are cleaned and sanitized before and after each use!
        • ✅ Set Up & Take Down
        • ✅ 1 Extension Cord & Blower
        • ✅ Full Court Press Inflatable
        • ➡️ Enough space for us to setup your rental (25ft Wide 25ft Long 15ft High)
        • ➡️ 1 dedicated electric outlet within 50 feet of setup area per blower
        • ➡️ Contact Us for any questions online by email at or by calling 7168120818

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